Version 1.33 Changelog

Unser aktuelles Release 1.33 hat sich hauptsächlich auf die Optimierung der Performance fokussiert, neben kleineren Bugfixes. Wir kalkulieren nun, welche Styles und Scripte an den Browser gesendet werden müssen, um die Seite korrekt anzuzeigen. Alles Unnötige wird dabei weggelassen. Dadurch haben wir die Schnelligkeit um das 40fache erhöht.

  • fixed bug where changing a block did not trigger a reload in the app
  • ordered the push notifications by date
  • added ability to set a home link in the breadcrumb navigation
  • added function to list all pages where a block has been used
  • added basis for advanced navigations
  • preview button now opens up the tablet preview, since the phone preview is already there
  • the editor will clear the extrenal preview while you do not have a page open in the editor to avoid confusion
  • performance optimization of the publish process
  • fixed bug in a few elements that would forget default values after saving
  • fixed rare bug where the pages would be displayed in the preview before all blocks were loaded
  • changed the default selection for the qr-code generation to be the shortest url available, but storing the setting for the session
  • fixed bug of editor showing weird effects in firefox
  • fixed some container widths not showing correctly in tablet apps

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