Version 1.35 Changelog

Qubidu hat mal wieder ein Update bekommen. Es gab diverse interne Verbesserungen mit denen wir schneller für Kunden arbeiten oder reagieren können, sowie diverse kleine Bugfixes.

  • qubidu now adds the first e-mail entry field in a contact form as the reply to address, so that it is possible to directly answer
  • URLS that have a trailing slash get redirected to one without so Qubidu always stays consistent
  • added option to filter a list by a variable from a data record on a details page - sounds complicated, but opens up a lot of new possibilities
  • fixed text/image when used in a data list with images on some entries, some without
  • switched the link scheme back to root-relative instead of absolute because there were some issues and the impact for search engines is not as great
  • many minor bugfixes

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