Version 1.15 Changelog

Eine neue Version von Qubidu ist online. Folgende Dinge haben wir für Sie verändert:

  • Changed preview to an overlay version that can switch between device types
  • Changed the library that makes the different sizes of images for better image quality
  • Added new column settings for desktop/tablet views
  • Added headlines for blocks and containers for better visibility
  • Added hovers to qr-codes and images in the medialibrary
  • Added ability to define a favicon/app icon
  • Added ability to pass parameters through qr-codes
  • Added VCard format adaptations to support newest Android versions
  • Added loading animation while thumbnail is still in progress
  • Added plain text pasting in rich text editor
  • Added loading animation while switching websites
  • Added JavaScript alert when trying to leave the editor with unsaved changes
  • Fixed rich-text-editor somtimes making needless p tags
  • Fixed container dissolving bug
  • Fixed dynamic filter field selector bug
  • Fixed deactivated VCard elements showing up in downloaded VCard
  • Fixed some design issues in the editor
  • Fixed several editor on iPad layout glitches
  • Editor opens up the top page on load

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Qubidu GmbH

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