Version 1.19 Changelog

Eine neue Version von Qubidu ist online. Folgende Dinge haben wir für Sie verändert:

  • Changed behavior of editor to update the preview every half a second, not on every keystroke, to remove annoying flicker
  • Changed container dialog to be more user friendly
  • Changed tablet and desktop preview sizes to be bigger
  • Created basic data module for events
  • Created basic data module for newsAdded function of variable subelements, so in a gallery or a menu you can now add new entries, instead of having a fixed number
  • Added small display of container style in container editor view
  • Added ability to duplicate entries in data modules
  • Added individual classes to menu items for better styling
  • Added five more container styles for special styling cases
  • Added a hidden field to forms, to transport information that is not visible to the customer
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Fixed a rare bug where a image gallery would not work
  • Fixed picture and link selector field selection in data module dialog

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