Version 1.20 Changelog

Eine neue Version von Qubidu ist online. Folgende Dinge haben wir für Sie verändert:

  • Fixed youtube video not showing up properly in editor
  • Updated rich text editor to new version, opening curly braces can now be entered again
  • Updated news data module
  • Fixed rare display error in editor, where the preview would show the wrong page contents
  • Added support for alias and redirect domains to handle cases like non-www to www redirects more easily
  • Many small style fixes
  • Added anchor, testimonial box and table as new elements
  • Added easier access to anchor links in link selector
  • Preview can now be opened in a new window for live preview while editing
  • Changed the layout of the editor to a flat design
  • Improved element display in the editor to make elements easier to diffrentiate and access
  • Added ability to open preview on desktop/tablet from overview
  • Added support for a site-wide html title postfix
  • Login field will ignore whitespace at start or end
  • Added support for password protected pages
  • Added hard line breaking to email element to wrap long emails
  • Improved load performance of pages

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