Version 1.22 Changelog

Eine neue Version von Qubidu ist online. Folgende Dinge haben wir für Sie verändert:

  • Improved publishing process GUI to be more explicit
  • Added first version of app support
  • Added product teaser element
  • Added table element
  • Added vimeo element
  • Added anchor element
  • Added image tile element
  • Added testimonial box element
  • Dialog elements can now collapse to hide elements that depend on some other element
  • Fixed links in text being clickable in the preview
  • Improved robustness of image loading to skip faulty images
  • Extended white theme is now public
  • Fixed rich text editor having a different link selector than everything else
  • Added delete user function
  • Fixed bug where reordering and renaming navigation entries could cause problems
  • Removed some obsolete elements
  • Improved error message display, dialogs now scroll to first error on submit
  • Fixed sorting of lists
  • Fixed caching of filter selection in lists
  • Fixed several editor preview bugs

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Qubidu GmbH

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