Version 1.23 Changelog

Eine neue Version von Qubidu ist online. Folgende Dinge haben wir für Sie verändert:

  • Added support for assigning names to the container styles
  • Added simple references between data module columns
  • Added formatting options for dates from the data module
  • Added support for events expiring
  • Added tabs to page properties for a cleaner interface
  • Added options to some elements where a different width could be specified for smartphone/larger device to leave the image out on either 
  • Added storing the last opened project so you start where you left off 
  • Added language support to some of the data modules 
  • Added folding for subentries in elements such as gallery or navigation 
  • Removed duplicate url scheme for startpage 
  • Removed ability for a user to delete himself 
  • Fixed several small UI bugs

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