Version 1.24 Changelog

Wir freuen uns, wieder ist Qubidu ein bisschen besser für Sie geworden. Dabei ging es um interne Prozessverbesserungen aber auch viele kleine, aber im Alltag gute Verbesserungen am Editor. Folgende Dinge haben wir für Sie verändert:

  • changed a few wordings/layout of media library
  • changed default selected option in data to be publish instead of delete 
  • fully translated to spanish 
  • removed data module elements, if no data module is available 
  • changed width of website selector, made it wider so longer page names are readable 
  • added a note element, for hidden editor comments within pages 
  • added a column for qr-code scans in qr-code library 
  • fixed minor bug with display of flyout navigation in the editor 
  • added feature for us to deactivate websites that are have expired without deleting anything 
  • improved image parallax element 
  • fixed bug that would remove "#" character from a redirect URL in a qr code 
  • added basic support for languages in all data modules and lists 
  • added language selector to SEO tab in page properties 
  • fixed bug that qr-codes on website domain were not counted properly 
  • added support for special image delivery for facebook to share the pages properly 
  • added alphabetical ordering to block lists 
  • fixed a dreaded encoding bug from the app sync, so that menu items in the app have correct names

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