Every project
needs its heroes

# Tailor made software
# IT Coaching
# Architectural consulting
# React     
# Go

An experienced team of developers, specialised in delivering custom made software solutions and apps. A unit with a focus on cutting edge technology, distributing knowledge and the accurate application of trained skills. A division that steps up the IT and knowledge of its customers.

Thats us. 
For You.
For our joint success.

Our work

Call us.
We are ready.

You want your projects to cross the finish line brilliantly. You want software solutions, that are future proof. You want an architecture you can use to your advantage and an app, that not only works flawlessly, but also exceeds your expectations. In short: You want a safe investment and solutions that are tailor made, extensible and easily understandable.

You are looking for assistance.
We can help:

As Software Developers

... that deliver and that you can depend on for your projects - in our professional skills and as personally. 

We help envision, break down, fit to the problem and then plan and execute your software or app for you.

As a support unit

... that extends your team, fits into your structures and leads the project to success - together, quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes you just need more people on a project. Bring in a well oiled team with great skills to speed up the progress of a project.

As consultants

... that support you actively, pass on our knowledge to your team - with competence and for the long run.

We like sharing our knowledge. If your devs want to get into our modern tech stack, we also coach teams in the use, best of all at the beginning of a new project so the small nudges in the right direction have the most long term benefits. 

Our skills

A good team
has set values


We are convinced that true skills come from deep knowledge. In our Team we specialise in a select few technologies we use to the advantage of our customers - for results with long term success.


We are committed to achieve the best possible result for our customers. It starts with a professional consultation and architectural design, but doesn’t just stop at the finished product.


Through continuous learning and a constant exchange of knowledge we are striving for the top. Anybody who wants to work for us has to bring not only competence, but also be a team player, driven by success and continued acquisition of knowledge.


Anybody who doesn’t find joy in his profession, should be looking for something else. We love to develop, consult and celebrate successes with our customers. Even under pressure we stay focused and goal oriented. With or without a smile, but with joy no doubt.


We strive to make our efforts in consulting and development leave a long term impact on our customers' success. But we also pay close attention, both individually and as a team to leave as small as possible of a carbon footprint.

How we work

Our tools.
Only the chosen.

We are specialised in a select few state of the art technologies - precisely the ones, that we are convinced will bring our customers the most value. Both in the present and the future. For these reasons we work, develop and train mainly in

# React
# React native / Expo
# Go
# GraphQL
# UX 

We also like thins like TypeScript, Gitlab, Docker, MaterialUI, MongoDB, Cypress, Jest, Visual Studio Code, Kubernetes, dgraph, nodeJS, Storybook, Postgresql, Apollo, git flow, Redux, semantic versioning, CI/CD, easy-peasy, Arch linux.

Our tech stack is under constant development and optimisation. That is why we have to keep up to date on our specialities and exchange knowledge in the team. This keeps us mentally fit and we expect that from both our existing team and new members keep up with the change and always excel.

About us

We have a unique style.
You will like it.

We met as professionals and continuously developed our skills in the team. Everyone knows the strength of each other. We all depend on each other’s success - without hierarchy, on eye level. A team that much in sync naturally performs - with flexibility, swiftness and a drive to succeed.

But, or rather because of that we are able to adapt and fit into existing domains and team structures. And besides being a bit unvoncentional, we do have a schema we stick to, that gives our customers safety and transparency:

First contact

We convince customers by directly being helpful the moment we meet.

We like to directly tackle the important questions about the situation
and the task at hand. What's the core issue? What's the goal?
What's the optimal way to get there? We try to emphasise with the
perspective of our customers and show the possibilities of what
value excellent software can bring where.

Development as a Service

In the field of software development being up to date is only possible through
constant effort. For that reason we provide tailor made maintenance solutions
that will keep your apps and team on the cutting edge.

We do agile

Internally we work with Kanban, but we also happily
adapt to Scrum and other project models. We mainly
love efficient and intelligent development processes
- and obviously results everybody is happy with.

A good idea

You have ideas but no concrete plan yet?
We love to help with our understanding of business processes and our
technical and UX know how. We start by doing a workshop together,
understanding your ideas and requirements. This is an important step
that leads to mockups of the software where iterating is quick and easy,
until we all agree: we have found a good solution, functions
and the rough layout is clear. Now we can plan.

Transparency from the get go

The overall plan is set, we are all on the same page and now we can talk with more
clarity about cost estimates. We provide you with more dependable numbers
for both sides to plan with. The important first steps are done, and the path
is clear for success!